Wow, if you love the Epic theater at Lee Vista, you will be blown away by this remarkable new cinema experience in Lake Nona!
The upcoming Cinépolis Lake Nona venue will house a 40,000sqft cinematic theater with 9 screens that provide 'millionaire mansion' style viewing!
High tech, hi-fidelity sounds and fine dining are all at your disposal throughout your movie as you recline in a sumptuous leather sofa as you sip contently on a glass of the select wines!

We can't wait to sit back, relax and view the blockbusters of 2020 in style at Lake Nona's Town Center in 2020!
Currently pricing per seat is at a fair rate of around $16 per person at the Davenport FL location.
Cinepolis currently has 20 locations within the USA, including 5 in Florida.