If you are from the Lake Nona area, the new Boggy Creek Rd intersection to the 417 is more than a welcome improvement to Orlando International Airport access.  It also heralds part of a partnership between the community developer; Tavistock and Amazon's Fulfillment team.

By the end of 2018, the very first shipments will be made from the vast 850,000-square-foot building to boost the online sales company's efforts throughout Florida state.

Most importantly, Amazon's new warehouse will develop 1,500 jobs, perfect for even more economic development of the Lake Nona economy and the local housing market.
If you are looking to jon the Boggy Creek Amazon team, the hiring process is expected to commence about 2 months prior to the completion of the fulfillment center according to Shevaun Brown, a regional spokeswoman for Seattle-based Amazon.

“Hiring starts about one to two months before the facility is finished with construction”

We will keep you posted and share news about how to apply to join the Amazon recruitment campaign as soon as possible!

Amazon Fulfillment Center
12340 Boggy Creek Rd #2446
FL 32824

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